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I know I'm a little late to the party

But YES!!! Super Smash Bros is indeed coming to the Switch. THIS YEAR!!!

And not only that, but it looks like the Inklings will be joining in fray the making a mess of things. Ha

Here's the trailer…

Now I am planning to do some photo-manipulation of Smash for Switch similar to this…

I'm not planning to take any requests FOR NOW. My work life is kind of hectic right now and I want to the characters I would like to do first. So after I do the characters I want to do and if I'm feeling bored and have any free time from work afterwards, I might take some requests.

And also I will NOT be going back to fan-made character entries like I did for SSB4…
Manly I want to see if newcomers standing under the burning Smash Symbol will be the new "thing" for new fighters. If they show Inkling having an entry just like Villager-Comes to Town, Mega Man-Joins the Battle, Wii Fit Trainer-Weighs In, etc then I'll consider going back to character entry requests

And now for the other half of this fandom. PlayStation All-Stars fandom.

I know things are going to be a little more difficult now with a new Smash. And PlayStation All-Stars is unfortunately being forgotten over time, with no sequel coming out any time soon. And with my life being overloaded with work.

I'll try to keep this half alive by submitting PlayStation All-Stars artworks and also keeping track of their games.

But I will try my best to keep PlayStation All-Stars have a presence in this club




What do you think?

Fake? Real?
After the release of SSB4, i have heard that new Amiibo's are coming soon! On the year of 2015, there will be these new Amiibo's:
-Toon Link
-King Dedede
-Rosalina and Luma

These are the ones in December 2014 coming soon!:
-Little Mac
-Diddy Kong
-Captain Falcon

See you soon and make sure you find out more by whatching this video!:…
Been awhile since I did this but I thought nobody read these anyway. But there is so much to talk about I had to  make an entry


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 50-Fact Extravaganza
Watch Here First if you haven't seen…

From the Nintendo Direct today, both Bowser Jr and Mr Game & Watch now that they are in the website now. Don't know why Sakurai didn't just post all of them now, Jigglypuff was seen in the Direct without her being on the website yet.

Sort of feel bad for Dark Pit and Dr. Mario, technically Dark Pit is a Newcomer and Dr. Mario is a returning retiree, yet they don't have a intro videos like Bowser Jr.

But meh, they're clones.

Similar, but a LOT more trophy pics manips, music and stage building content then in Brawl.

So eight player Smash! That's definitely something I'm looking forward to.

Reverse chronological order All-Stars Mode than in the 3DS

Pit now takes Snake's place with codec messages, talks to the Gods from Kid Icarus in the Palutena's Temple stage.

Smash Tour, Master Orders, Crazy Orders

Ridley is in the game, but is a stage hazard, unless you or another player or com player deal enough damage he'll fight alongside those that damaged him the most.
Similar to Flying Man in Magicant, but you just have to walk past Flying Man to recruit him not fight him, and even if you do manage to KO Flying Man it won't count as a KO unlike if you KO Ridley.
(Definitely know who I want playable for SSB5, they've already got the awesome moves, just make them playable)

And Mewtwo WILL come be a playable fighter for SSB4, he's just under development. This gives me a SLIGHT ray of hope that if they'll still give use downloadable characters for both versions of the game, hopefully they'll fix the Ice Climbers problem on 3DS version
(I heard rumors that Nana wasn't running back to Popo after her threw her with their Up B or wasn't coming back to him at all when they were separated, can somebody please correct me on this?)

What was your favourite thing on the Nintendo Direct today?
Finally after work I can finally post this!

Like any devoted Nintendo/Super Smash Bros fans you would've watched the Smash Direct direct today and the roster had confirmed a lot of fighters that made it feel like an early birthday or Christmas present!

First up, our beloved green dinosaur, Yoshi has been confirmed to come back for SSB4. Making all the first SSB (not the lockable) characters, the Original 8 are coming back for the 4th game.

Secondly Zero-Suit-Samus and Sheik are now separate characters from Zelda and Samus, they have their own place on the roster, they're are now their own person.

Third, Charizard has come back, but no sign of Pokemon Trainer, Squirtle or Ivysaur.

And lastly Greninja, the final Evolution of the Water starter in the 6 Gen, is going to be a Newcomer for SSB4.

As excited and stoked I am for these fighters to participate for SSB4. A few questions comes in the mind to a few fans.

With Yoshi now being confirmed, with Yoshi's New Island yet to be released in Japan, could there be a possible Newcomer in that release.

Most gamers know that Zelda/Sheik and Samus/Zero-Suit-Samus are the person. With them now being separated from each other and being treated as different fighters, will this bring confusion towards some of the fans?

And also, what is with Charizard being alone? Where is Red, Squirtle and Ivysaur? Will he not be coming back?
Or Will Sakurai and the developers surprise in later months with Red's comeback or a new trainer? And will the trainer be able to command Charizard, Greninja and a new final evolved Grass type Pokemon from a different Gen?

And now for the Pokemon franchise, they now have 4 representatives. Pikachu, Lucario, Charizard and Greninja. And the Max reps of fighters in Super Smash Bros is 5. So where does that leave Red, Jigglypuff and possibly Mewtwo? Will it hopefully be what I said before "will their be a trainer that'll be able to command Charizard, Greninja and a new final evolved Grass type Pokemon from a different Gen?"

And also what I. As much as we love newcomers we have to keep in mind about the current number of fighters there is now. Remember there has been a rumour that SSB4 will only have the same number of fighters in Brawl. With Sheik and Zero-Suit Samus now being separate characters and Charizard being his own Pokemon and Greninja being added in and the unknown info of Red, Jigglypuff and Mewtwo. The roster of SSB4 is scarcely drawing near the same number of fighters in Brawl. Veterans have yet to announced but There is a strong possibility that some fighters will be replaced (especially clones).

What do you think about my questions? And what do think that will happen? Please reply I like to read everyone's opinion.

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